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US Troops Leave Afghanistan‘s Bagram Airbase After Nearly 2 Decades

The United States military has finally left Afghanistan’s Bagram airfield after nearly two decades, reported the Associated Press on Friday.

The infamous airfield had been the site of several military encounters, particularly the epicenter of the US ‘war on terror’ in Afghanistan following the 9/11 terror attacks.

Quoting two unnamed US military officials familiar with the development, AP reported that the Bagram airfield, in its entirety, has been handed over to the Afghan National Security and Defense Force.

The Bagram airbase in Afghanistan has been the site of the US military’s war against the Taliban and the al-Qaida terrorist outfits. It remained staffed by the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing of the US Force for nearly 20 years, while rotating units of the US Army, the Navy, and the Marine Corps also used the airfield as a base.

Although the US troops have now officially withdrawn from the Bagram airbase, one of its top commanders, General Austin S Miller, “still retains all the capabilities and authorities to protect the forces,” said the officials to AP on the condition of anonymity.

According to the report, the current withdrawal of Bagram airbase by US Forces is a clear indication of the complete withdrawal of troops from the war-torn country as promised by the United States. US president Joe Biden has earlier promised to the Nation that his country will complete the troops withdrawal from Afghanistan by September 11.

Currently, the United States harbours around 6,500 troops in Afghanistan to protect the American embassy in Kabul. However, it has not yet been divulged when the very last US soldier will leave Afghanistan, for security reasons.

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