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PM Modi to Prez Biden: Trade Will Be An Important Factor In India-US Ties

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden holds the bilateral meet at the Oval Office in White House. This is the first in-person meeting between the two leaders after Joe Biden assumes the charge of the President of The United States.

The meeting commenced on a warm note as both acknowledged the deep ties that the countries share. President Biden said that he knows PM Modi for a long time and the first in-person meeting between the duo as US President and Indian Prime Minister will begin a new chapter in the Indo-US relationships.

“This decade will be shaped by talent and people-to-people linkages. I am glad the Indian diaspora is making an active contribution towards USA’s progress,” PM Modi told Mr Biden. “Today’s bilateral summit is important. We are meeting at the start of the third decade of this century. Your leadership will certainly play an important role in how this decade is shaped. The seeds have been sown for an even stronger friendship between India and USA,” the Prime Minister said.

“There is much to be done in trade. Trade will be an important factor in India-USA ties in the coming decade,” PM Modi added.

“Relations between India and US are destined to be stronger. We should explore what more we can do to fight COVID-19, climate challenge and work for a safer Indo-pacific. Upholding democratic values, joint commitment to diversity, respect for non-violence and tolerance are more relevant today than ever.” President Biden adds,


  • Prez Biden to PM Modi: Relationship between India and United States, the largest democracy in the world, is destined to be stronger closer and together. I was talk to the PM about dealing with the COVID pandemic. We will be talking about the same during the QUAD meeting.
  • PM Modi quotes Mahatma Gandhi and said, “Mahatma Gandhi always used to say about trusteeship of the Planet. This sentiment of trusteeship is the need of the hour globally”.
  • PM Modi to Joe Biden: “I would like to thank you for the warm welcome. I recall our interactions in 2014 and 2016. That time you had shared your vision for ties between India and the United States. I am glad to see you are working to realise this vision”
  • PM Modi to Joe Biden | Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his meeting with US President Joe Biden, told the leader that trade will continue to play a major role between the countries. “In 2014 and 2016, I got an opportunity to talk to you. You had shared your vision for Indo-US relations,”
  • US President Joe Biden to PM Modi,: “I have known you for a long time. I am glad that you have come back to the White House. You are well aware of our history. Our relationship has always been good.” The US President said to PM Modi – “Today we begin a new chapter in Indo – US relationships. Four Million Indian Americans everyday making America stronger.”

(With inputs from media reports)

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