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Little Stars English Medium Secondary School and Global International School in Hirebagewadi breaks Two Elite world records consecutively

Little Star English Medium Secondary School and Global International School in Hirebagewadi in Belagavi district considered as one of the Pioneer Schools in the City, was established in the year 2011 by The Spoorti Education Society with 85 students in the first year and it has steadily grown in the stature with 1100 students at present from LKG to Grade X, producing outstanding results in scholastic and non-scholastic areas and the schools have now set two world records on February 25, 2023 and February 26, 2023.

Dr.M.G.Yenagimath,Chairman, stated that we focus towards holistic development of every child with utmost care and competence under the guidance of highly qualified teachers. In order to celebrate the 75th Year of Indian Independence and 13th Annual Year Celebration we conducted “ World Records Festival 2023” where in all our students and teachers have expressed their hidden potentials competing in a global platform by way of world records. In-spite of embellished hot sun and climatic challenges, we were successful in achieving these world record titles because of the confidence students had and by support of teachers and parents. These Records were Officially Approved and certified by Elite World Records (LLC-USA) and India Records Academy, proudly he added.

P.Jeganathan,Senior Records Manager-India Records Academy stated, “India being one of the largest democracies is celebrating its 75th year of independence and good that now schools and children are recovering from 3 years of pandemic. After a long pandemic gap this event lays a very good platform for children performing outdoors. It was fascinating and patriotic to see close to 1,60,000 origami paper models pasted to form a mosaic of Indian National Flag measuring 337.50 Square Meters. I appreciate all the efforts that has gone in making this record as it was an absolute delight and patriotic to watch the students taking a pledge as well, emphasising “My India ! My Pride !”, I congratulate the team for making this happen.”

Bhavana Rajesh, Adjudicator, Elite World Records, stated that, as a part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav the 75th year of Indian Independence Celebrations, all the students, teachers and parents of the schools made 1,60,000 origami models on 25.02.2023 and these models were gathered together on 26.02.2023 and pasted in the form of a mosaic which reflected the Indian National Flag. The team were involved for 4 hours 10 minutes to complete this task and created the Indian National Flag after which the students, teachers and parents took a pledge emphasising “My India My Pride”. The Participants created as large as 337.50 Square meters (22.5 meters length and 15 meters breadth)Indian National Flag surpassing the existing record of 121.50 Square meters which was held in 2003,we certify it as a new Elite World Records, she further added.

MathhewLau-Thien-Poh, CEO-Elite World Records, detailed that,as a part of Social Responsibility to create awareness on importance of Road Safety in wearing helmet on roads, the participants made a close to 1,85,000 Seed Balls on 25.02.2023 in 7 hours and these seed balls were painted and gathered together on 26.02.2023 and aligned in the form of a mosaic by all the students, teachers and parents which reflected the Caption “Donate Blood Not on the Roads” and it also reflected the Image of a Human Head wearing the Helmet. The team involved for about 7 hours to create the Mosaic after which all took a pledge together emphasising “Road Safety”. The Participants broke the record in the category “Largest Seed Balls Mosaic by a Team” by creating as large as 168 Square meters mosaic surpassing the existing record of 139.95 Square meters which was held in 2018, I am glad to witness this spectacular event and to certify this as a New Elite World Records, he further stated. 

M.G.Hiremath-Regional Commissioner, Belagavi District, pointed out that, I am happy to witness this incredible event by the students from a rural back ground competing in a global plat form by way of world records. I am happy that students from my village have accomplished Elite World Records and I whole heartedly appreciate the efforts of the school management for making this happen, he further added.

Dr.Elgin Arose(Advisor), G.S.Yenagimath,Lakshmi.G.Y and Roopa.M.Y,Trustees of the school were present during the event.Parents & other family members left the event with great joy and pride by keen-sighted their children as the champions of champions the world champions. 

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