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Dalai Lama Says He Prefers To Stay In India As Relations Between China And Taiwan ‘Quite Delicate’

Dalai Lama, Tibet’s spiritual leader on Wednesday said that he prefers to stay in India than visiting Taiwan. as the relations between between Taiwan and mainland China are “quite delicate.”

“The relation between mainland China and Taiwan is quite delicate and I prefer live in India, Peacefully, I don’t want to involve in local political difficulties.. I can contribute for Taiwanese and Chinese brothers and sisters from here,” said the 14th Dalai Lama during an online presser with the journalists from the Foreign Correspondents club of Japan.

“Taiwan is Han, Chinese culture, I found it too close to Chinese culture.. Men in Taiwan politicize too much…Taiwan gets lot of help from mainland China including Buddhism” He added.

“I think Mainland China can learn a lot from Taiwanese brothers and sisters, I really pray Taiwan and Mainland china be unified peaceful” said the Tibetan spiritual leader.

He also said he has no particular plans to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping but is willing to meet the Present Pope.

Middle Approach For Tibet

Dalai Lama stressed that he seeks middle way approach to solve the issue of Tibet and doesn’t want complete independence of Tibet from China.

“Since politically I approach middle way, not seeking complete independence for Tibet.. My position is open.. so will see .. the situation is quite complicated. Sometimes i see Several Buddhist monks do not want complicate situations,” the retired political leader said.

On Vising The Muslim Pilgrimage City Of Makkah

Dalai Lama said he has visited almost all religious places in India including the famous Jama Masjid in Delhi and is keen to take a pilgrimage to Makkah to promote religious harmony.

“I am keen on pilgrimage to Makkah as part of my effort to promote religious harmony. so in future when some opportunity comes, I am really eager to go to Makkah”

“In India, I visit all major religious places including Jama Masjid.. I also wear a white hat and offered prayer with muslim friends.. I am committed for religious harmony, so if any opportunity come, i really want pilgrimage to Makkah

On Staying in India

“I really enjoy my position here in India, Kangra is my permanent residence which Pandit Nehru choose, I really enjoy.. I can communicate with everybody in any part of the world”

“Once a meeting with Manmohan SIngh, I express that this Kangra is my permanent residence and home after death,, It is really free here.. very good harmony here”

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