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February 25, 2024
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China Has No Role In Choosing Dalai Lama’s Successor: President-Elect CTA

Tawqeer Hussain

A day after winning the Presidential election of Tibetan Govt in exile, the former speaker of Central Tibetan administration, now President-elect says China’s government has no role in choosing the next Dalai Lama and that the current Dalai Lama’s decision of choosing his successor will be final and abiding by all.

“The Chinese Communist Government doesn’t even believe in religion while as succession is purely a religious affair,” the next president of the Tibetan government told News Bridge in an exclusive telephonic conversation.

“Who will the new Dalai Lama is a purely religious affair and his Holinesses (Dalai Lama) the only person to take the decision on it. It is his authority, he is the head of the religious affairs, whatever he chooses reincarnation or someone from high lamas, we will support his decision. China should not interfere in our religious affairs” he told News Bridge

Tsering’s remarks came against the backdrop of China’s insistence that the choice of the next Dalai Lama has to be decided within Chinese territory and that there should be no interference in the matter by India or any other organization.

The 57 years old Pema Tsering who will now head the executive branch of the Central Tibetan Administration based in India’s Dharamsala, hoped that his administration will try to break the deadlock on talks with china and pursue the middle way approach of the peace process.

“Regarding our issue with China, we will follow what the previous administration did, we will follow the middle approach of negotiations. China has to accept this way as it is beneficial to both China and Tibet to end the conflict,” he said

“China has to be more liberal when it comes to the issues of talks. Together we have to find common interests which will benefit both China and Tibet,” he added.

Meanwhile, sources in the Central Tibetan Administration said that the new administration will take oath on May 26 a day before when the previous CTA headed the Dr. Lobsang Sangay will end the second five-year term.


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