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About Us

Selling your story directly to a newspaper, website or Media house is a daunting task. These publishing platforms receive hundreds of acquiescence every day and most of the time things get overlooked. Similarly getting the access for relevant news is also not easy. Unless you follow up in the correct way! This is why we are a great help for you. New Bridge is a news media agency that gives power to media houses to connect with audiences through winning and visual content, crafted by qualified journalists from around the world. Breaking news to social & Political outrages, Crime to War coverage, our reporters/Journalists will feed the right news to the audience. With Finest Journalists, we are never in short of unique and relevant ideas/Stories/Photographs/Videos. For Media Houses, we work as a content provider with the help of skilled journalists who are here to research and write. For all the Story Tellers, we know how to pack up and sell your story, giving you the best possibility of exposure you want and the place you want it. With years of experience, we know what they want and we can make certain everything runs efficiently. We are hard-working, artistic and trustworthy and above all, we’re zealous about what we do. We are a two-way platform to help Story Tellers and Media Houses. So, What's Your Story?

Our Team

Tawqeer Hussain

Founder/Managing Editor

From Newspapers to digital media, Tawqeer Hussain has attained milestone of storytelling, News Writing and Reporting. So far, in his 9 years of ongoing career span, He has worked with various National and International media organizations and reported on Politics, Conflict, International Relations, and Crime. His several articles and stories have appeared in reputed national international publications including Herald Sun, News Corp, Al Arabia-English and Daily Telegraph, The Courier Mail, Times of India, News World India, The Citizen, and Hindu Business Line. With years of experience, he is drawn towards carving out the best outcome out of the stories. His exclusive reporting on Unsung Innovators in Kashmir has been celebrated vastly and brought him two awards.

Altaf Qadri

Editorial Advisor Altaf Qadri is a well-known Press photojournalist based in New Delhi. Because of his intrinsic work, he has received several awards. He has broadly roofed dozens of country and worked on the frontlines of world’s social and political conflicts. From Afghanistan to Iraq, Libya, and Nepal, Altaf's images have secured a place to almost all newspapers and magazines. The New York Times described his work as having a "sophisticated eye and highly effective technique." He is dedicated to talking out loud through pictures.

Lucie Morris-Marr

Editorial Advisor

Lucie Morris-Marr is an award-winning freelance journalist and media consultant who has an extensive media career for over 20 years in two hemispheres. She was nominated for Young Journalist of the Year at the British Press Awards and a Young reporter for the Daily Mail in London. She has since worked with several renowned organizations like Marie Claire and Herald Sun where she notably took out the child abuse allegations on Cardinal George Pell. She is a current employee for international news publications and Australian media outlets. She admires India and is in touch for regular work assignments.