Why NewsBridge?

Because we are a platform to help freelancers, journalists, and media houses to sell and buy authentic stories. We supply an exclusive and real storyline to hold your audience/customers. All of our reporters and journalists are qualified to the utmost standards and work surrounded by the rules of ethics to provide best quality work and stories. Our proficient Journalists aim to share the news that is plausible, reliable and swift (i.e. relevant ideas/Stories/Photographs/Videos).  Our constant effort to provide constructive, exceptional and attention-grabbing content has made us a leading contributor of news, pictures, and videos to the world’s media.

Our Services

Sell Your Stories

Do you have an engaging story that the world might want to know? Then you are at the right Place. We supply suitable services to people and journalists who want to trade a story/picture/video to a newspaper, website, magazine or media Houses.

Sell a Picture

Have you snapped a perfectly-timed image of an animal, nature, Celebrity or a Crime Scene? Our team, at News Bridge, will work with you to carry your content worldwide.

Buy Story/Picture/ Video.

Spotted an image/video that you might want to use? Or want the access to the recent news that you saw on our website? Or want a Journalist to carry out your assignment? Then Contact us, we are just a message/call away.

Syndicate For Us

If you’re interested in becoming a foreign partner or associating our content/images/videos in a particular territory, get in touch! We have our doors open to help that maximizes our sales and pushes our journalists to work best.


How It Works?

Pitch A Story

Found a news/story/photo/video which you think is important to inform, shoot an email to us.

Get Commissioned

We work with the leading newspapers and media houses from all around the globe who will respond to your story with wonderful offers.

Carry Out The Work

Lace up your boots to work your best and get the story in the right way in conjunction with pictures and videos (wherever required)

Get Paid!

Once Job is done, you will be given the payment directly in your account ASAP.


Our Stories

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